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Watch below to see how we uniquely manufacture our skateboards here in Lake Tahoe.

we make skateboards


Most companies have their boards produced by a large manufacturer and shipped to them, they then resell them to you, not us. Here at PLUS we use the same industry standard raw materials to build our boards. We receive sheets of hardrock Great Lakes/Canadian Maple veneer (Sugar Maple) and pails of water-based PVA glue made specifically for the skateboard industry, then we assemble. Built from the ground up, every step is taken to make sure all boards are constructed properly, every single time without exception, or they’re recycled.


Utilizing industry standard equipment (hydraulic skateboard press and state of the art CNC machine) our boards are built just like the big boys, except owner Adam Carlson makes them. Every board to come out of the shop is handled by a skater who treats it like he’s about to skate it himself.

Here at PLUS we don’t try to produce thousands of boards to fatten our pockets regardless of quality. We produce enough to make sure each is built to spec and is made from fresh wood. Fresh wood glued up properly is the key to making a poppy, high quality skateboard that you can trust under your feet.


The printing process used for our graphics is low impact and very unique for the skateboard industry. We only know of a few other companies in the World utilizing this printing style/technique (non-craft builders). 95% or more of the industry applies the graphics at the end of the process. Water-based inks and clear coats are also used to lessen our footprint while operating in beautiful Lake Tahoe. The graphics are hand silk screened onto EVERY board before we even start the manufacture process, no heat transfers, ever. Silk screened art on wood is how skateboards were made since the beginning. We here at PLUS are continuing that tradition but in our own unique way.

Made in Lake Tahoe, CA

by skateboarders with jobs.