” Stranded at work, wishing to be anywhere but where I was, a light bulb flicked on in my head. I knew there was only one text I needed to send and exactly who to send it to. “We should start a skate company”…

-Matt Cool

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You never know when , where or even in what form opportunity will present itself. What started as a text message that could have easily been brushed off as a joke, has now turned into a full blown mission. With that text sent, the seed of PLUS had been planted. What grew from that simple message was years of dedication, building, and good old fashion hustle. From its inception, PLUS has been built with the idea of having the freedom to manufacture our own skateboards. We could have taken the easy way but we have thrown ourselves to the wolves head on. We have painstakingly created something we are truly proud of. We believe the proof is in the ply. This is not a last-ditch effort to get rich off of skateboarding. This is a labor of love.

-Matt Cool & Adam Carlson, Owners

The seed was planted for PLUS in the Fall of 2010.

We wanted to make something unique and in that journey came small batch, handcrafted skateboards. Made with the same machines and materials as the big boys except for our unique printing style. We are excited to bring our vision to the masses and hope that we can help keep skateboarding in the hands of skateboarders.


The goal was to make an affordable skateboard that can stand up to the big boys while maintaining our own style, quality control and craftsmanship. We manufacture a limited quantity of boards so that each can be made with the care and quality you expect when spending your hard earned money.


PLUS is committed to the skate lifestyle. The brand was started because of our love for skating and to give something positive back to the skate community. These days with mega corporations it’s hard to tell who’s doing it for the Love and who’s doing it for the Money. We’re straight up doing it for the LOVE. Know that almost every dollar we make goes right back into the PLUS Research & Development fund to better our product line and improve the overall brand. Put skateboarding back in the hands of skater-owned and operated brands.


All PLUS products are made in the USA. From our skateboard and apparel lines to our stickers and wax, everything is homegrown here in the States, primarily in California. In addition to our skateboards, our apparel line is another point of pride. Manufactured sweatshop free in southern California and printed/packaged in-house here in Lake Tahoe, CA you can trust that every piece from our line is comfortable, high quality and cared for just like our boards, no exceptions. Quality over quantity without compromise.