Who We Are

PLUS was started and is operated by two skaters, Adam Carlson and Matt Cool. Based out of South Lake Tahoe, CA and rooted in Cloquet, Minnesota, we are two transplants who had an idea and ran with it.

In our 30’s but still skating as much as possible, we’ve given our all to make PLUS the unique, non-cookie cutter brand it is. We work day jobs like most everyone else. When we aren’t working or making skateboards we are spending the rest of our time skating and having fun in our beautiful home of Lake Tahoe California.

Done for the pure fact that we want to be able to make our own skateboards, have fun and help keep the core skate scene alive in a time of need. We aren’t business men, we are the old dudes still learning new tricks at the local skate park…

Now go skate.

who we are
who are we
who are we